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KidSteam is a premier entertainment brand based in the USA dedicated to physical and interactive attractions for families to enjoy at amusement venues (theme parks,zoo's,family entertainment centers,malls,camps etc),recreation venues, and special events. KidSteam is proud to offer our healthy interactive green results oriented products on five continents now in over thirty countries. Contact 

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KidSteam designs, manufacturers and installs incomparable Kid-Powered Hand Car Kiddie Rides,Indoor Play Systems, Foam Machines, and Electric Trackless Trains that support healthy interactive play and promote "Green Results" in businesses and communities. Our products support "Green Results" such as zero carbon footprint,zero emissions, renewable energy, and water conservation.

Trains have been part of American tradition for generations, children and adults alike have been fascinated by trains. Trains have been captured in cinematography, photography and collectibles, from miniature to museums dedicated to solely all that is the American Train

KidSteam is proud to introduce a new electric trackless train for families to enjoy at malls, special events and amusement parks

KidSteam Trackless Train Difference

  • Amusement grade fiberglass on our trackless trains -best material type for a combination of durability, useful life and maintenance in high traffic environments in malls and amusement parks
  • Superior trackless train capacity - 24-30 patrons per trackless train ride great for mall and amusement operations
  • Zero carbon emissions for our trackless trains-green results
  • Superior trackless train turning radius of less than 16 ft
  • Customize trackless train colors at no extra charge
  • Superior trackless train charging performance-multiple days of trackless train operation between charges
  • Simple intuitive locomotive controls on our trackless trains
  • Durable vinyl seats standard on our trackless trains
  • Turn key mall trackless train solutions available
  • Full line of trackless train props and mall train kiosks
  • Full line of train retail merchandise for mall train operations

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